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Thanks for visiting! first came about as a supplement to the 1997 college magazine. It is now the most popular destination for MAMCites around the world.

With version 4 of the site, I've extended the most popular section of the site - the alumni directory - to include demographic information and have added on better search capabilities. People were always asking me about official contact info for MAMC, and now that is prominently featured on the home page.

Another significant addition to the site is the US residency database. Many MAMC graduates are looking into the prospects of coming abroad, and have little info on what programs to apply to. The database will serve as a repository of information coming from other MAMC graduates, who have "been there, done that." So while not authoritative, it will provide a unique FMG (or actually, MAMC-centric) view of the US residency programs.

Whenever possible, I will continue to troubleshoot and expand the site. Hopefully it's popularity will continue to increase!

Thanks for visiting

- Nikhil Goyal
Editor, Azad Medicos' Association 1996-97


A shout out to the people who helped!

  • Graphics and Original Site: Dr. Kabir Sheikh
  • Webspace, Registration: Dr. Ajit Nagra, Dr. Shiv Patil, Dr. Rahul Khosla
  • Photography: Dr. Navpreet S. Brar

I'd also like to mention the names of Dr. Premanshu Bhushan, Sunando Ghosh and Aalaap Ghag for their help in making this possible. Mr. R. B. Singh and The Staff of the Academic Section, MAMC also contributed significantly in providing me with facts and figures for the college.


Copyright (c) 2004, Nikhil Goyal. All rights reserved.