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The Editorial Board

The MAMC Editorial Board comprises an elected Editor and Joint Editor, and countless other students who filter through all the material written by the MAMC students and faculty, and selecting the best for publication in the college magazine.

But our work does not end with the College Magazine, Spandan. I, for one, think of the EdB as the most important body in the college, which serves not only to entertain but also to gather public opinion, spread important news, and be the biggest gossip during times of crises and festivals ;-)

Major Work of the EdB

  • Spandan, the college magazine, is the ultimate task of the EdBored and easily the most prominent.
  • The Wall Magazine is maintained by the EdB
  • TNT and the Festival Rags serve as 'fillers' round the year

I've had some of my best times at MAMC as Editor of the Students' Union during 1996-97. And the Spandan '97 Hall of Fame comprises people who selflessly put their blood, sweat and tears (literally!) into the making of the EdB publications, gathering sponsorships, and standing by me when everything else was falling down. So please give them a big hand and do visit their page.

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