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High explosive! That's what TNT is all about. TNT is the monthly newsletter which contains the latest gossip and dirt from all over the campus. Though occasionally TNT carries articles of academic interest and important announcements, the students love its ladi-back style and grab their copies within minutes of its release. In fact, TNT is so hot that the writers seldom dare to take credit for their work...

TNT has unfortunately been an irregular feature in the EdB's itenerary. Sometimes you see it, many times you don't. Most of the time, it's the same old problem - funds. But even if the EdB can raise the Rs. 2000-or-so to publish an issue of TNT, often material is lacking. Which is really surprising, considering the amount of gossip that goes on at MAMC!

November 1996: First Issue!

January 1997

March 1997

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