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Information for Foreign Students

MAMC is heavily funded by the Government of India, with the aim of producing top-notch doctors to serve the nation. As detailed on the MBBS page, the college accepts a few students as 'government nominees,' under which quota foreign students may apply.

Although I am not aware of the details on the application process, I am trying to collect new information. Here are some excerpts that might be relevant to admission to MAMC. The entire page can be found here, but I believe most of the information applies to non-medical courses.

"The admission to Foreign Students to Medical and Engineering Colleges is done by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi and to B.Pharmacy, Architecture and M.B.A. Courses by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of Education), Government of India, New Delhi. A number of seats in these courses are reserved for the nationals of various countries. Foreign Students desirous of joining these professional courses should contact the nearest Indian Mission for necessary information"

"...every foreign student has to pay Foreign Students Registration Fee of US $300 for undergraduate including Certificate/Diploma courses, US $400 for Post-graduate courses and US $500 for courses leading to research work. This fee may be paid in Indian Rupees by student belonging to the SAARC nations and also the ICCR scholars."

So, you might want to contact:

The Ministry Of External Affairs,
Government of India,
Students Cell,
Akbar Bhavan,
New Delhi - 110021

Other useful contacts here

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