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Campus Facilities

MAMC is a wholly self-contained campus catering to both day-scholars and hostellers. Anything a medical student could possibly require is available on campus (well, almost anything).


MAMC has facilities for most popular games in either the hostels or elsewhere inside the campus.

  • Floodlit Basketball court (OBH, OGH) - doubles as makeshift cricket pitch too. Night basketball is quite popular
  • Multifunctional weight training gym (OBH)
  • Floodlit Volleyball court (OBH), also outside anatomy block
  • Floodlit Tennis Courts (Hard) (OBH)
  • Table Tennis (NBH, Administrative Block, NRH)
  • Badminton (OBH, OGH, PGWH)
  • Football field (near BLT)
  • Cricket ground (same as football field, and any place where there's room)
  • Swimming Pool (separate timings for boys and girls :-( )
  • Racing Track (the main road through the campus)

Book Shop

The book shop is more than just that. Caters to everything a hosteller might need - from toothbrushes to lab coats to chocolates and soft drinks. And everything is cheaper than anywhere is Delhi - which is why many of the students from the other colleges come to shop here.

The proprietor is a friendly guy who has been with MAMC for long and knows just the right things the students need. And if he doesn't have it, he'll get it for you. I bet he knows more about the medical curriculum than I do. He tells the students which books to read, where to get cheaper versions, even makes copies of important papers and chapters out of expensive books.

Also a favorite place to just hang out and chat

The Super Bazar also has a store inside campus where articles are supplied at government regulated prices.


STD/ISD facilities are available at MTNL rates inside the campus. Also there are similar booths all over outside the campus.

Pay phones are installed in every hostel and at vantage points throughout the college. Some of the hostel phones are connected to the college exchange and can be used to place calls inside the campus & hospitals.

E-mail and Fax facilities are available just outside the campus.


The in campus photocopy shop also caters to Desktop Publishing needs for the PG thesis, etc.

The college computer lab serves up Medline, a database of various medical journals containing updated information.

Internet access is available just outside the campus at reasonable rates.


Each hostel has its own mess which is run by students or contractors, and serves meals at fixed times. Most hostellers join these at monthly rates. Day Scholars may eat as guests. Food is ok.

The NBH canteen also serves snacks throughout the day, and generally has barely edible food. Just stick to the basic items and you'll be safe.

The 2-4-H is the 24 hour doctors' canteen situated just outside LNH. Food is quite nice, and the best part is the 24 hour thing. Serves both South Indian and North Indian food. Aloo-Pyaj Parathas at night are quite good.

The ICH (Indian Coffee House) is a restaurant with two branches located in campus. Food is good, but expensive by MAMC standards ('coz everything else is so cheap). Another popular haunt.

Various departmental canteens are situated throughout the campus which serve snacks and soft drinks, etc.

And then again, Dominos Pizza Delivers. So does Suvidha Vegetarian.


The MAMC Central Library is open all day and night (except for small part in the early morning). It has books and journals for EVERYTHING. Except nonacademic books. What a pity. Each student receives a library card and can issue one book at a time. The books are not in too good a condition, but the library's great for looking up stuff in the bigger textbooks.

The computer lab is situated here too.

The library is quiet and air conditioned. Nice place to study. The Reading Room, on the first floor, is the best place in campus to study for both hostellers and day scholars. It's hard to get a seat here around exam time. Since it's air conditioned, it's also the best place to sleep.

The OBH also has it's own reading room (again air-conditioned). Various departmental libraries are also scattered throughout the office blocks.

Medical Care

Please see section on hospitals


Please consult section on hostels


24-hour free parking is available for students with entry restricted to cars bearing the MAMC Logo. There is sufficient parking space to accommodate the large number of two wheelers and cars driven by the students and faculty.

Parking is available in the hostels, hospitals and campus separately.


The campus has an abundance of trees (though it could always use more) with open lawns which are very pleasant for walks in the evenings.

The Dean's Carpet is a circular patch of lawn right outside the dean's office. Quite a popular venue for events at Synapse, and doubles as the lovers' lane at other times.

As for the fauna, the campus has it's share of stray dogs, cats, rats, etc. Though thankfully no cows (and dung). Most of the animals are quite docile though. They've marked out their territories as one hostel per animal and live off the scraps students throw to them.


The campus has a modern auditorium (recently renovated) used for various college functions. Fully air-conditioned, plush seats, theater lighting, PA system. Seats 800 patrons in the main foyer and balcony.

Movie screenings occur periodically in the auditorium as organized by the Cine Club.

Lecture Theaters

All lecture theaters at MAMC are centrally air-conditioned, seat around 200, fitted with microphones and speakers (so everybody can hear the speaker - sad, huh?), and arranged in steps so that people in the back row can also see the speaker (and vice-versa. Tough). Fitted with overhead transparency projectors, slide projectors and blackboards. Ample artificial and natural light.

The GFLT is also used for seminars, conferences, etc.


Laboratories for each subject are amongst the best in India. Students are provided with equipment personally and do not have to share microscopes, etc. There is no dearth of reagents, culture media, preserved specimens, models, sample slides, video demonstrations and other study aides. Each department (Pathology, Microbiology, Physiology, etc.) has it's own main lab and specialized labs (Phage Lab, Histopathology, etc.)

The labs cater to both students' needs and to investigations requested from hospitals throughout North India. The throughput is tremendous.


The Syndicate Bank has a branch inside the college campus which provides banking facilities to the students and faculty of MAMC. All banking requirements such as fixed deposits, drafts, deposits and withdrawals, etc. are provided. Computerization of this branch was completed in 1997.

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