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MAMC Hostels

MAMC caters to a sizable population of hostellers, often referred to as 'chronic' or 'acute' hostellers. The chronics are the 'real' hostellers, who are from outside Delhi and hence spend all their time on campus, and acquire quite a distinct personality. The 'acutes' are mostly day-scholars or residents of Delhi who either have their own rooms or parasitize the chronics.

The hostels are a must for the graduate students who often have to contend with long duty hours and need a place to catch a quick nap. Also lots of people take up hostel accommodation during prof time to study, and festival time to party.

The most happening places at MAMC are the hostels - as it is actually a place where you spend most of the 5 1/2 years of your undergrad studies. They serve as centers of study, parties, endless gup, lonely nights, exhausted slumbers,... the list is endless. And this is where all your friends are.

In general, the condition of the hostels is not quite up to the mark. The toilets are mostly clean and just functional. Rooms vary in size and shape, but are generally adequate. One thing that is not lacking is ventilation. Lots of open spaces. Most of the sports facilities are in the hostels. Electricity failures are rare, and even then the emergency lights are always there.

Each hostel features a well furnished common room for visitors, a TV room (with a large 29" TV and cable), a mess, parking facility and 24 hour security. Details of the hostels are given below. Also go through the Facilities on Campus section.

Hostel fees are ridiculously low for the undergrads. So the jump to PG Hostel fees hurts, especially when it is made compulsory for all.

OBH - The Old Boys' Hostel

The OBH has the largest capacity of all the hostels at MAMC. And this is the one which used to be the barracks of the Delhi Jail (see History of MAMC) Mostly housing the 'acutes' and junior batches, it has single, double and triple seater rooms. It houses most of the sports facilities in campus too. The biggest drawback is the fact that they don't have 24 hour running water and have to depend of the morning and evening supply. Rooms are difficult to come by unless you have a good reason (or good contacts, of course). Hence most of the UG boys are forced to stay as day-scholars.

The OBH has 4 blocks - Mathura Road Block, Tennis Courts Block, PG Block and Interns Block. Houses around 300 students, making it the largest hostel on campus.

NBH - The New Boys' Hostel

The NBH is part of the new hostel block (along with NGH and PGMH) and is 8 stories high (and yes, it does have an elevator... which works most of the time). Housing 126 students in single rooms only, it is generally considered to be of better quality than the OBH. Rooms mostly go to the out-of-Delhi 'chronics' and are hard to get.

The ground floor of the NBH has no rooms - it houses the office, guest room, mess and canteen. Similarly the first floor of the NBH is partitioned into three sections, with no communication between them. The center is occupied by the NBH TV Room, and the sides by the PGMH TV Room and the NGH Mess.

OGH - The Old Girls' Hostel

In contrast to the boys, the girls can almost always get a hostel room, and most of the rooms stay empty. The OGH houses the junior batches' girls (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year) in double and triple seater rooms.

The Guest Room of the OGH is the best on campus and serves as a venue for tea during the festival inauguration, etc.

Expansion of the OGH is currently underway.

NGH - The New Girls' Hostel

Again, the NGH is the better girls hostel. Housing final year students and PG students (in separate wings), it has a smaller capacity and single rooms only. Not too many details available on this one too... 'coz boys aren't allowed in.

The NBH lift usually does not stop at the first floor, as that is occupied by the NGH. But sometimes it breaks down, and then the boys stuck inside are made to get off at the first floor - right into the NGH mess.

PGMH - Postgraduate Men's Hostel

Houses the PG Male students, and one floor is for those with families. Again, single rooms only, and better quality. Venue of the PG Rooftop Party held every year on - you guessed it - the roof top.

PGWH - Postgraduate Women's Hostel

The PGWH caters to female Interns, and PG students who are unable to get a room in the PG Wing of the NGH. The best part is that boys are allowed in... though with a LOT of restrictions ;-)

ORH - The Old Residents' Hostel

The ORH mess is the best on campus (as of date). Another tall building, it's central staircase is rather artistically designed, making it quite a conspicuous building.

One drawback is the proximity to the hospitals' incinerator, the exhaust from which sometimes engulfs the ORH.

NRH - The New Residents' Hostel

Again, the NRH mess is excellent. The common room and TV Room are also better maintained then the other hostels. Some say it is the best hostel on campus.

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